• The roller assembly consists of tube, end cups, shaft, ball bearings and multi labyrinth type seals.
  • The end cups are manufactured on our premises from steel coil strip, so that they are concentric and correctly sized to suit the selected bearings.
  • The end cups are pressure fitted into the tube by specially designed hydraulic presses, making a tight fit, which in turn are welded to create fixed assembly.
  • The bearings that are used are ball type, 2RS or ZZ C3 (chrome steel).
  • The bearings are protected against dust and water penetration by labyrinth seals.
  • An external outer seal made from pressed galvanized steel strip is pressure fastened to the labyrinth seal for dust protection.
  • For appropriate full-life lubrication the labyrinth seals are filled with lithium grease.
  • Rollers standard finishing process: spray painting with two component epoxy coat.
  • Alternate finishing processes and colors are available.
  • Ends of roller shaft are designed for insertion into the cut out of roller tie holder. After agreement with our company we are able to deliver rollers with the shaft ending according to customer requirements.

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