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Our company has an extensive line of steel rollers with diameters 51, 60, 63, 76, 89, 108, 133, and 159 mm. Thanks to our manufacturing processes, our rollers can be used in heavy-duty out door conditions.

They are especially recommended for the following sectors: mining industry, quarries and cement factories, waste recycling industries, process industries, steel and metal industries, pulp and paper industries, bulk commodities and handling, seaborne transport (ports and ships), and all other sectors requiring the use of conveyors of any kind.

 Agias Lavras, Vernadeika, 26504, Patras, Greece

  +30.2610.991480, +30.2610.991481, +30.2610.991541

  +30.2610.992412   //     info@zikosmetal.com

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